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Design of MBBR plants, process air supply and carrier retention screens

Tank Design
Process Engineering

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Mutag BioChip 30™

Multi Umwelttechnologie AG – solving your problems in biological wastewater treatment systems.

Know-how and service for your company:

  • MBBR plant design
  • Design of process air supply
  • Design of carrier retention screens
  • Tank design
  • Process engineering
  • Commissioning

Auslegung von MBBR Anlagen


Based on more than 20 years of experience, Mutag offers to you not only an outstanding product but also the product-specific design parameters.

Especially for the carrier media Mutag BioChip 30™ the performance figures and the design of the MBBR plant can be calculated acc. to your specification while considering the active biomass concentration.

  • tank size
  • process data
  • process parameters
  • carrier media fill fraction
  • carrier media quantity requirement.

Besides the process air flow rate required for a proper mixing, also the oxygen requirement is calculated.

Mass balances, process streams and nutrient supply are our know-how for your project using Mutag BioChip™.

For the design and construction of the carrier retention systems (sieves) required for the application of the Mutag BioChip™, standardized modular assemblies are available.

Mutag supplies the design for MBBR tanks, carrier retention screens and aeration systems.

Auslegung von MBBR Anlagen

Mutag supplies plant engineering and presentations, both in 3D.

Auslegung von MBBR Anlagen
Auslegung von MBBR Anlagen


Along with each Mutag BioChip™ supply, you will receive a commissioning and operation manual.

For the commissioning of MBBR plants operated with the Mutag BioChip™, experienced process engineers / biologists are available for a tutorial introduction or support during the start-up phase.

After finalized commissioning, you will be provided with further support in terms of the process optimization, in case of malfunction or for the exchange of general information.

We are pleased to remain at your disposal for questions related to biological water treatment. Please do not hesitate to contact us and to make use of our professional expertise: > contact form